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Make this natural environment spray, see recipe

spray natural de ambientes
natural room spray

Learn how to make an all-natural room spray

As we spend more time at home, the more we want it to stay, with our style, and with the aromas we like, so how about you learn how to make this natural environment spray.

What will you need

spray bottle

Essencial oils

Distilled water

Dried Flowers or Dried Herbs

Witch Hazel Vegetable Extract (unscented)

How to make your natural environment spray

First, pour 25-30 drops of the essential oil into your spray bottle. Then fill the bottle halfway with witch hazel, (Note: witch hazel) helps the combination of oil and water, makes the scent last longer.

Then fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water. This ratio works great no matter the size of the bottle.

Then mix well, stirring the solution, to combine all the ingredients.

Flowers and Herbs

You can, insert a bunch of dried flowers and herbs to finish your scented spray.

Essential Oil Tips

In this sense, the universe of aromatherapy is very extensive, as each essential oil contains diverse and beneficial properties. However, we do have options such as lavender if you desire a more floral scent.

Also, there are herbal options like rosemary, eucalyptus. As well as citrus options like Sicilian lemon, sweet orange, bergamot. Anyway, options will not be lacking. However, consult the manufacturer, see the specifications and bet on the aroma that best suits your style, for your home.

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