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How to compose looks with t-shirts with stripes - Image/Disclosure – Pinterest

Well, today we have a tip on how to wear t-shirts with stripes, certainly stripes are the most versatile and timeless pattern in fashion.

See how to match t-shirts with stripes with 7 tips for you to rock the look

Now we are going to show you 7 ideas how to compose a look with a striped shirt, get inspired

1 – T-shirts with stripes with denim shorts and sneakers

Keep the look super simple and pair your striped t-shirt with denim shorts and comfortable casual sneakers or even boyfriend pants are great options for you to put together a striped look. To complete bet on jumps.

2- Mix striped t-shirts with other patterns

Occasionally you can mix patterns such as florals, like a floral skirt. However, if you are not confident enough to mix these patterns, invest in elements with color, such as an accessory like a purse in a more citrus tone, this will help to standardize the look.

3- White garments, such as pants, shorts,

Definitely, a white piece is a joker, it goes well with everything, stripes are no different, so you can bet without fear on white and plain items,

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Inspiration to wear t-shirts with stripes – image/disclosure pinterest

4- midi skirt

Above all, midi skirts, make a perfect pair with striped shirts, even more so if they are made of plain fabrics, this combination is extremely sophisticated.

5- Blazers

Sometimes, the blazers are always more forgotten, however, combining with a shirt with stripes, you can create the concept of the 3rd piece, and bet on jeans and heels, and you are ready for any event.

6- Tulle skirt

This type of look was a trend loved by fashionistas, however, it's always good to review this concept, because it always goes well. Because you put together the most delicate skirt, the T-shirt forming a perfect pair, a more pop “vibe”.

7- Animal print shoes and ankle boots

Of course, you can pair the t-shirts with plain bottoms if that's your preference, however, the shoes can be the icing on the cake for the look. Just trust animal prints, because it will definitely elevate the composition a lot.

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