como definir estilo
como definir estilo
create your own style

Fashion presents us with so many trends to try out, but we only get to appreciate them for a short period of time. The resurgence of the fanny pack (or waist bag) in 2018, for example, was a cool and practical fashion trend. However, when you look at fashion magazines and Instagram today, the fanny pack isn't quite as popular. The fashion world replaced it with the shoulder bag trend of the 90s (and who knows how long that will last?).

In other words, the style, on the other hand, is resilient enough to outlast the fashion calendar. It is not dictated by the fashion world. It's the way with  you  decides to express himself. Plus, you can invest in a little black dress today and still wear it 10 years later without feeling like you're still wearing an old fashioned trend.

So if you want to create a solid and consistent signature look, the best thing you can do is focus more on style than fashion, because style will always override trends.

How to define your dressing style

A signature look refers to the way you decide to showcase your style in an outfit. It's also the fashion aesthetic that all your friends and family know you for. For example, someone sees like a leopard print top and sends you a message saying that it “looks like you” so that's a good indication that that specific item or style suits you.

Why define your own dressing style?

saves money : Trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends can get terribly expensive. These trends only last for a season (or a second), and trying to keep up with trends means you'll be buying new clothes quite often.

However, when you follow your own style rules, you'll stay within budget. Why? Because you will only make thoughtful purchasing decisions! Whenever you decide to stock up on your wardrobe, you'll only buy clothing items that match your signature look, regardless of what's currently on trend.

You will be really fashionable: having a clear definition of your style will not only position you as an elegant woman (not just in fashion), but you will also be recognized for your coherent fashion aesthetic.

an organized closet : There's nothing more stressful than having a closet full of clothes you don't wear! Many women can agree that sifting through a jungle of clothes every morning makes getting dressed difficult.

How to begin

Get style inspiration

One of the most exciting parts of planning a signature look is creating a fashion mood board. It's a way to organize your fashion ideas.

However, you can get some style inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram and of course magazines. Gather images of your favorite style icons and try to find similarities or a common denominator. In this way, you should also choose which clothes from them you would like to have in your style.

Another perfect way to create a mood board for your look is to choose the right words to describe your new style. These words can be formal, modest fashion, business casual, artsy fashion, sporty or vintage.

know your body

Firstly, the key to achieving a signature dress code, your clothes should flatter your body type. Whether you have a rectangle-shaped body or an hourglass-shaped body, it's important to choose styles that bring out the best features of your shape.

store your best clothes

Now that you've finished making your mood board, it's time to stick to clothes that align with your signature look. Meaning, item or style that you love and can wear again and again could very well be your signature look, whether it's a pair of jeans that fits you like a glove, the striped shirt or the black blazer that elevates any clothing. Etc… with this north it is easier to define.

follow a scheme of colors

Choose a color scheme that represents your personality. It's also important to choose colors that can work well with other colors in your closet. These colors include neutrals like white, black, and gray.

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