Dress with t-shirt, combine these 2 pieces. Create a cool look!

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Superimposition of dress with t-shirts Image/Reproduction- Instagram/Pinterest

At first, dressed in a T-shirt, it might look a little weird. However, know that this trend always comes back to the 90s. Also, it works great if you want to make your look more laid-back. Check out.

How to wear a dress with a T-shirt

After all, creating looks with this overlap is very simple, and you can also analyze what you have in your wardrobe and start putting these ideas of clothing compositions into practice. Look

Overlay with black dress + white shirt

This look is the joker, that “little black dress” in knit with spaghetti straps, together with the good and practical white t-shirt is a success of the look. That way, you don't have to use it only in the summer.

Striped dress + denim shirt

Sometimes, you've been afraid to wear a dress with stripes, because you've heard that it's fat, etc... . It's going to be a charm.

Printed dress + white T-shirt

For spring/summer, this look is really fun, you can create this look, to go to the mall, a happy hour, invest in casual sneakers, you'll see how comfortable it will be. In addition, the white shirt gives the look a refreshing joviality.

Neutral dress with printed/colored t-shirt

As per, the printed dress, you can also wear the printed t-shirt as well as the colored one. That is, here it is a matter of preference, if you prefer a cleaner look, certainly the cool touch because of the t-shirt.

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