Muscle tee blouse, come meet this trend, create amazing looks

blusa muscle tee modelos variados
Muscle tee blouse assorted looks – Image/Disclosure-pinterest-Instagram

Put together different looks with the muscle tee blouse, this cool piece

Putting together looks can be complicated if you don't have a lot of knowledge about styling and modeling the pieces. However, you will see that it is very simple, with this muscle tee blouse, due to the versatility of the piece and with this more basic, yet elegant footprint.

What is the muscle tee blouse?

This blouse has been a trend for some time now, but it's still on trend. In addition, it is nothing more than a "T-Shirt", that is, a very basic shirt, however, its differential is in the shoulder pads, without sleeves.

It has a funky “vibe” and goes well with many pieces.

looks tips

Accordingly, with the looser and looser modeling, which makes it easier to wear with pants, where you can wear them inside the pants, marking the waist.

Also, it has more volume at the top, where it can balance if your torso is narrower. High-waisted pants fit super well.

jeans and skirts

You can wear it with pencil skirt, midi skirt, and jeans look great with this blouse.

cool looks,

Firstly, if you want a more relaxed and laid-back look, this blouse will suit you very well, as it is possible to create different looks with it. In addition, you can opt for tones that have this “footprint”

sophisticated looks

Finally, you can create elegant, sophisticated looks, don't be afraid to make mistakes, because the range of tones you can create looks with it is wide. From basic black, nude and or even white. It will look amazing. Invest in accessories such as colors, high heels, that's it, you're ready, for any chic event.

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