How to preserve fresh lettuce for a week, see this tip

como conservar alface fresca
Fresh lettuce ready to be stored -Photo by Rayia Soderberg on Unsplash

Keep fresh lettuce clean for at least a week

First of all, having fresh lettuce in your salad all day has no equal. However, due to various tasks, you can consume less or, worse, forget it in the fridge.

But know that now with these tips you will be more productive in organizing your food.

And you will probably consume fresh lettuce every day, with your meal, or at least for the whole week.

How to Choose the Best Fresh Lettuce

Above all, try to find out which market days are in your region, or even which day is “Sacolão” at the supermarket. It is often on these days that they are stocked with fresh food.

However, you must pay attention to the base color of the lettuce, it must have a light green hue, this indicates that it is very fresh. If it's darker, it might not be as fresh.


Soon after, when you get home with your fresh lettuces, start the cleaning process, take the sink and thresh the leaves, rinse them under running water to remove any residue.

Finally, soak in a container in a solution suitable for sanitizing vegetables.

After waiting for the sanitization period, which usually lasts 15 to 20 minutes. Wash under running water to remove residues from the sanitizing solution.

Drying and Preparation

At this point it is important to drain the water well, I recommend using a centrifuge to remove all that water from the leaves.

You must leave the lettuce very dry, without any trace of water, use a paper towel if you prefer. The paper towel absorbs that extra moisture that normally spoils your lettuce.

Right after chop or shred your clean lettuce.


To have fresh lettuce for a week, the secret is here, you will need airtight zip loc bags lined with paper towels before storing the lettuce in it. Finally, store the lettuces in the bag, press all the extra air out of the bag then close the bag.

Eventually every 2 days, remove the old paper towel and replace it with a new one if it gets wet.

That way, you'll have fresh lettuce every day for a week or more and you'll be able to organize yourself better.

You can also do this procedure with other vegetables and legumes, but separate the vegetables from the vegetables.

So, if you liked these tips, share them with your friends and comment. After all, your opinion is very important to us.

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