Get your kitchen organized in 5 easy steps. know how

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organized kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and also the messiest place. Also, food prep, cooking, and baking bring us together, but they also come with their share of clutter. Therefore, kitchen organization is essential.

How to organize your kitchen with these 5 easy steps

See below, we share 5 easy steps to take to organize your kitchen, from countertops to unusual items.

1. Kitchen organization, divide it into sectors

First, optimize your space by designating specific areas for specific activities, such as food preparation and cleaning. Group and store all necessary utensils and supplies in each section.

2. Face your difficulties

Yes, that means discarding unnecessary items. So start by removing and sorting items by utility and size. Then clean the compartments like drawers and cabinets, soon after, put the items in the organizers. 

Be functional though, if an item doesn't have a use in the kitchen (think: loose screws), store it elsewhere. Also, for food storage containers to stay organized, you should store the bases and lids separately, using a small basket or tray to keep the lids tidy.

3. Keep frequently used items within reach

First of all, everyday plates and glasses look nice on exposed shelves. So make them easy to catch. Small appliances, like toasters and mixers, can go on the counter, but store everything else in a cupboard.

4. Group by categories

If you leave items on counters, make sure they are organized. Maximize the space around using trays as support. place commonly used spices in small trays nearby.

5. Sectorize your pantry

When sectioning your pantry, use the top shelves for items you don't use regularly, like extra flour or sugar. However, the rest can be stored as follows:

Product: In wire baskets – perfect for things that need air circulation

Grains, pasta and beans: In glass jars so they can be easily found

Oils and Vinegars: In large baskets to keep bottles upright

Flour and sugar: In transparent jars with airtight lids

Boxes of cereal, snacks, and other large foods: In large, easy-to-reach boxes.

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