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How to eliminate mold from kitchen cabinets, here are the tips

como eliminar o cheiro de mofo do armario da cozinha
well-ventilated kitchen prevents humidity – Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy on Pexels

Learn how to eliminate musty smell from kitchen cabinets

Suddenly, you start to smell that musty smell in the closet, I mean, is there anything more unpleasant? However, you can eliminate mold from cabinets with these tips.

Due to some factors such as climate changes and lesser exposure to the sun, mold can arise.

That way, the problem happens because of increased humidity in the environment.

Homemade tips to get rid of the musty smell

First, remove all belongings from the closets, put them in the sun to remove the smell, then clean them.

Immediately, open the closet doors so that air can circulate and reduce the smell.

homemade recipes

Certainly, homemade recipes are very effective in solving the problem. And here, let's list some very effective ones.


Vinegar is a great mold remover, you can use white or apple cider vinegar as it has a milder smell, leave a bowl of vinegar overnight, you can also use it to clean the closet.

blackboard chalk

At first, this tip is quite unusual, putting a bag with several blackboard chalks helps to eliminate moisture, and avoid the smell of mold. However, this material should be touched as soon as you notice moisture.


Coffee, it's great both to drink and to keep inside your cupboard to give it that nice smell. In this way, make small sachets with coffee and spread them around the cupboard.

Sodium bicarbonate

Undoubtedly, baking soda is something that cannot be missing in the kitchen. Just like coffee, you can make bags with this element and spread it around the cupboard.

What's more, together with vinegar you can create a paste solution to sanitize your closet.

In summary, these are some homemade options that you usually have at home and can help eliminate the uncomfortable musty smell.

Tip: First of all, mold comes from lack of ventilation, humidity, so always keep the environment well ventilated and clean frequently.

Now, you have many options to get rid of this nasty problem.

Share these tips with your friends and then tell them how it was.

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